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Sex and the Modest Writer

In honor of Literary Review’s nominations for the Bad Sex in Fiction awards, I thought now was as good a time as ever to discuss the topic of writing (or reading) about sex in fiction. It also comes about naturally, though, as I just read two books in succession that demonstrate both good and poorer… Continue reading Sex and the Modest Writer


Go with the Flow Instead of Grasping at Straws with Your Metaphor

Once upon a time, a little over a year or so ago, I started this blog with my first post, using a metaphor. Metaphors, writers and English teachers will tell you, are essential forms of figurative language in creative writing. I do not disagree. We use metaphors everywhere, even when we do not realize it.… Continue reading Go with the Flow Instead of Grasping at Straws with Your Metaphor

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Saturday Summation – 28 July 2012

Here are some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week. Reading Stuff: TIME’s book critic, Lev Grossman, wrote an entertaining and validating post about hating specific books. I loved it because not only does it remind me of when people continually question me on why I continue to read a book… Continue reading Saturday Summation – 28 July 2012


Embers to Flame

It would seem that without consciously and directly intending to, I have decided to shelve my first novel for now. It makes me a little sad, but truthfully, not as much as I could be if my current novel weren’t flourishing, which is actually why, after many dead-end style rejections, I simply faded away from… Continue reading Embers to Flame