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Saturday Summation – 01 October 2016

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too… Every occupation has its busy “season”, and for education, September is definitely one of them. Thus, … Continue reading

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Growing in Depth and Disappointment in Our Reading

My oldest son has been wanting me – or anyone else in the family, really – to read The Night Angel Trilogy (Brent Weeks) for like, ever. In his esteem, it reaches the top fantasy honors spot next to The … Continue reading

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Oooh, I Loved That Book! (Except for These 25 Things…)

Yesterday I gave a 5-star rating to a book (Breathe, Annie, Breathe, by Miranda Kenneally – so that you don’t think I’m going to keep it a secret) and if you are interested in what that means in terms of … Continue reading

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I’m Too Stupid to Understand Literary Fiction

C’mon. Many of you are thinking the same thing. Even those of you who say you loved Moby Dick, I know you are saying it just because you think you were supposed to think that novel was amazing because it’s … Continue reading

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