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It’s All About Taste

My cousin posted a video clip from So You Think You Can Dance on Facebook sharing how moved he was by it. So of course I’m checking it out, assuming I will be, too. Except I wasn’t. I mean, it … Continue reading

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Some of you can consider this post to be a long answer to “What’s happening with the first novel you’re trying to sell?” and it is, but it is also hopefully an honest look at what the road to (non)-publication … Continue reading

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I Will Walk 500 Miles.

I am a stubborn person. However, in this circumstance I am going to go with the euphemisms that I am committed, dedicated, persevering. Hello, my name is Janet and my novel is 150k words long. (Hello, Janet) < — Thought … Continue reading

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Well, Cross THAT One Off the List!

I have always figured I would write a blog post about sending out the first queries and getting the first rejection, and lo and behold, here it is! Sending out a query letter is a lot like sending out a … Continue reading

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