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Monday Minutiae – 02.15.2021

Extra Recess Are you still getting your #friluftsliv on? I am. I’ll admit, during the work week, I have not been loving the sub-zero temps. I dress well enough for my daily commute, but the drive early in the morning is sometimes tricky, especially if we’ve gotten a little bit of snow, and basic errands… Continue reading Monday Minutiae – 02.15.2021

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Monday Minutiae – 01.18.2021

Spiral Instruction Do you ever just get tired of yourself? I don’t mean in the serious, mental health concern way, but rather you pause and think, “I am in a rut, not a groove.” Like many, I have certainly been struggling with this whole pandemic thing and at the beginning, which is now eleventy billion… Continue reading Monday Minutiae – 01.18.2021


Monday Minutiae 02.24.2020

Vocabulary Quiz Minnesota Hot (adj.): Any temperature above 32 degrees after several days of sub-zero temperatures, + sun. It’s been a beautiful weekend here in the Twin Cities and when I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon, 40 degrees almost felt like 80. We’re far from being done with winter, but the break from… Continue reading Monday Minutiae 02.24.2020


Monday Minutiae – 02.03.20

Sloppy Copy This week I wrote “THE END” on my 4th manuscript—the crappy first draft, or “sloppy copy” as I and other English teachers have used in the past. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t actually type the words, “THE END”. In fact, I never do. I don’t know why. What I do know is… Continue reading Monday Minutiae – 02.03.20