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Five Stars

Recently I filled out a little questionnaire for QueryTracker.net that they send to users who have successfully accepted representation from agents. (If you are curious what QueryTracker.net is all about, jump to the bottom of this post for a moment.*) … Continue reading

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The Day #AskAgent Trended on Twitter and Evaluating Sources

If you are a writer, and more specifically an aspiring author, and you are also on Twitter, you may have noticed a few things yesterday. The askagent hashtag was HOT all day and night. I mean, there were agents galore … Continue reading

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It’s All About Taste

My cousin posted a video clip from So You Think You Can Dance on Facebook sharing how moved he was by it. So of course I’m checking it out, assuming I will be, too. Except I wasn’t. I mean, it … Continue reading

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I Will Walk 500 Miles.

I am a stubborn person. However, in this circumstance I am going to go with the euphemisms that I am committed, dedicated, persevering. Hello, my name is Janet and my novel is 150k words long. (Hello, Janet) < — Thought … Continue reading

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While Waiting; AKA: What’s Up With the Novel?

My friend Jen, the other day, asked me what was going on with the novel. Um. Well. Nothing, really. That’s not exactly true. I’m waiting on feedback from my two impartial readers, and one of them will not even be … Continue reading

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Thoughts On a Query

You know how it is when you hit “send” and then suddenly think either WAIT! or RATS! or…. other words? Yep, that’s what happened to me yesterday except my “other words” were “AH, I figured it out.” (I’m sorry if … Continue reading

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