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Finding Grace – Marching Band Season

I know, you might be thinking, what? That’s kind of an… interesting… place to find grace. I think we sometimes assume that “grace” sounds like such an eloquent word that we must associate it with nature and poetry, but like … Continue reading

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Encouraging Creativity and Vision

This post is undeniably a gloating one. It’s that annoying parenting one where I talk about how wonderful and great my kids are. I have a larger theme, but since my examples are all about my own children, it might … Continue reading

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Meme Post: #30DaysofThanks All Wrapped Up In One

I’m not one for significant numbers or limiting lists. I often avoid the trendy topics for blogging. And in spite of the fact that it may look or seem like I am trying to rebel or be unique, it is … Continue reading

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A Beautiful View, or How I Realized I Need to Refill My Prescription for Anti-Homicidal Drugs

It is a moment like right now that I appreciate the idea of a cigarette. And an anvil. The 3 kids and I made our way up to the North Shore of Lake Superior today and really, had a funtastic … Continue reading

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Do You See That Cool Toy Under…

If we were talking, I might have mumbled something after the “under” so that you might say “under where?” And then, because I listen to Barenaked Ladies and live with 4 boys, I’d say, “I just made you say underwear!” … Continue reading

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Playing to My Strengths Strength

Just a couple of days ago, we attended a family event that was housed in the party room of an apartment building. The apartment building of an aunt on my husband’s side who is 70+ years old and has never … Continue reading

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