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Saturday Summation – 07 April 2012

Some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week: General Stuff that Caught My Eye I tell my kids (my own and my students), that nothing is private online – even if their accounts are “locked” or … Continue reading

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 A piece of “Flash Fiction“…  It is said that wallpaper can make or break a relationship. Just look at what happened on that TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, when Ray’s mother backed the car through the front of his house. … Continue reading

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To get all #BONES-y geeky on y’all, I’m going to quote from one of last season’s episodes: “It takes three days for a brain to adapt…. Three days for the universe to turn right side up again.” This idea is … Continue reading

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Watch Your Tone, Young Lady

            “No, no – that’s not right at all,” he’d exclaimed in frustration. “It’s supposed to be much more sentimental and light-hearted. That was almost downright dark.”             “Because that’s what I heard.”             “But … Continue reading

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Wordcount. Fundamentally, this concept of wordcount means absolutely nothing to me. Students will ask how long something has to be, and even though I will give them some very general guidelines, I almost always say, “as long as it needs … Continue reading

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Diversionary Tactics

STUCK. I’ve been there. It’s a popular place to be. But it’s kind of like diet popular or sagging pants popular – you don’t really want to be there and it isn’t comfortable at all. And yet, as writers (of … Continue reading

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