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Rated PG For Language

If you’ve been reading my blog for any decent amount of time, you might remember a post I wrote awhile back about including profanity in fiction. It leaned heavily on throwing out that effenheimer (is that how you even spell … Continue reading

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My Way or…. the Other Way

My husband and I like to commiserate about online communities – especially the educational ones – that encourage participants to follow the idea of “my way or the highway”. All video all the time! Video is evil! All cooperative learning, … Continue reading

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Details: Realistic vs Authentic

A few weeks ago I said, “tune in next week” for this post. I don’t know what possessed me to write that line since it clearly portended that I would not, in fact, tune y’all in so soon. Right. Well. … Continue reading

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Only Girls Cry

Isn’t that the most clichéd and ridiculous title? It is to me – but I was not very creative with titles in my younger days and I’m only slightly better at it now. The title belongs to the story below, … Continue reading

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