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Innocent Bystanders May Become Characters

My 10-year old son started writing a book this year. I can’t imagine where he got the idea. He’s got big plans for it and will likely see it published before anything of mine ever sees print. That kid has … Continue reading

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Can You Relate?

Mmkay. I sort of disappeared there for a bit. Just a bit of work going on. I’m a teacher, so beginning of the school year is kind of crazy. But I’m also a writer, so it is time to put … Continue reading

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Listen to the Muse-ic

I tweeted this last night: “SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT. That is, if writing and endings were taste-able.” One friend suggested it might taste like the best kind of chocolate. I offered that it might be a fountain … Continue reading

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I’ll Take You With Me, Everywhere I Go

The other day I was writing a scene in which two of my main characters were going to exchange gifts and I panicked. Well. I mean, for those who know me I didn’t really panic panic. I don’t really do … Continue reading

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