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Writing What You Know: Abstracts of a Marriage and Separation

  My parents went through the most amicable divorce of anyone I have ever known. There was no yelling and screaming before their split, during, nor after. I’m sure there were resentments for quite a time, but for my outwardly … Continue reading

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“Smile,” They Said.

Warning: Rant Ahead Related: NOT political …except for starting with the story about at least one male journalist’s commentary about Secretary Clinton’s primary wins last week. I liked Valenti’s article in The Guardian about this as she helped accentuate the … Continue reading

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The Conundrum of a “Found” Manuscript

Okay, yes, I’m going to join in with all the ruckus about Harper Lee’s latest novel, released today, Go Set a Watchman. Join me? And no, I haven’t read it; so if that’s going to make you crazy, consider this … Continue reading

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Do Your Characters Reveal Your Race? A White Author’s Push for Self-Examination

For a very long time, one of my sons has been asking me to read the books from Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series. My kids like it when I read stuff they really like, which I can appreciate. We … Continue reading

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The Draw of Love Triangles with Thoughts On “Bad Boys” vs “Good Guys”

Love triangles occupy one of the cornerstones of fiction. So much so that when some of them reach the big screen we get Twitter taking sides. #TeamPeeta! #TeamJacob! #TeamGilbert! Okay, well, I might have made that last one up, but … Continue reading

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Warning: Characters In Your Head May Look Different Than They Appear

 Catching Fire, the second movie adaptation in The Hunger Games series comes out next month, and the first thing I always think of is the ridiculous fan reaction to character race after The Hunger Games movie released in 2012. When … Continue reading

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Crude, Lewd, Prude, or Just Plain Rude? The Language We Read and Write

The conversation started with a fart. Well, the word, anyway – although it was an online conversation, so who knows what was going on the other side of our computers, right? Two of my friends were expressing disfavor with the … Continue reading

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