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In Search of Grace

It’s the end of a school year and though students are done, I have a few more casual days to head on in to work to finish things up. And then, for the first time in several years, I have … Continue reading

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The One Word Resolution – 2017: Commit

Things that make me especially happy and a bit grateful today: My whole family and I having today off. Having another week before I start a class. As one who works in education, I am also ever grateful for winter … Continue reading

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Saturday Summation – 31 January 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too… Writing Stuff: Everybody lies, Kristen Lamb says, and that’s one of the many ways to make … Continue reading

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Pushing Through

I thought about titling this “Pushing Through the Wall”, but sometimes, it isn’t a wall. Sometimes it’s sludge. Sometimes it’s those static-clingy things like packing peanuts. Or what feels like super glue. Or… well, I think you see my point. … Continue reading

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Moments of Inspiration and Rejuvenation

I have written a lot of stuff in my head in the last month. Too bad almost none of it has actually made it to the print, because some of those words and turns of phrase sounded great and might … Continue reading

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The Obligatory New Year Post

What kind of relationship do you have with New Year’s Resolutions? How about with people who make them without fail? Or with those who shun them with utter disdain? I am rather ambivalent about the whole thing myself. Probably the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving vs. Capitalism vs Consumerism vs Labor vs….

Last year, Walmart, the store that will be named, but one I won’t shop at and try not to let my immediate family shop at, opened for Thanksgiving. I joined everyone in being upset by this. If I remember correctly, … Continue reading

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