As Though You Were Mine
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The family she didn't want but desperately needs.

As Though You Were Mine is a touching story about siblings, children, love, loss, and what it means to be a family.

Julie Mercer donated her eggs to help her brother and sister–in–law conceive via in–vitro fertilization, never expecting a few years later, she would have to take full responsibility for those children after they lose their parents in a car accident.

Julie never wanted kids of her own and now she suddenly needs to make room in her small apartment for four–year–old twins who present additional challenges as they work through their grief and trauma. With Lucy throwing intense tantrums and Mikey not talking at all, Julie doubts her ability to raise her niece and nephew as her own.

When Grant, the twins’ uncle – and also their biological father – shows up at her door, he says he wants to help, but is he sincere? Or does he have a hidden agenda to fight for custody? With her family also questioning her role as guardian and her job on the line in the face of an inflexible boss as she deals with the sudden life changes, Julie must determine if her brother and sister–in–law really did make the best decision by entrusting their kids to her.


Barbara Claypole White

Barbara Claypole White
The Perfect Son cover
The Promise Between Us cover
A wonderful story about overcoming self-doubt and relearning family in the wake of tragedy. I adored the characters. Add a cast of unexpected secondary characters, and this is an uplifting page-turner...with a surprising twist. Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us

Lyn Liao Butler

Lyn Liao Butler
Red Thread of Fate cover
Someone Else's Life cover
Full of heart and warmth, As Though You Were Mine is a raw and real look into what makes up a family. A captivating read about becoming a mother unexpectedly, it will keep you riveted until the last page. Lyn Liao Butler, author of Red Thread of Fate and Amazon bestseller Someone Else's Life

Micki Berthelot Morency

Micki Berthelot Morency
The Island Sisters cover
This is a story about giving oneself grace and space to grow when life throws you unexpected curve balls in the bodies of two little humans. Rundquist gives us a tale of hope, regret, growth, love and forgiveness. I kept turning the page to get to a satisfying ending. A heartwarming tale! Micki Berthelot Morency, author of The Island Sisters