Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 16

Number of cars I saw on the highway today: more than I expected!

I did a home visit today for a family that needed some extra help with getting their kids’s devices online and I don’t know what I was expecting, but while traffic was by no means heavy, it still felt kind of strange to see so many cars on the road. I wonder how many were just people who wanted to get out of the house and went for a drive to nowhere in particular. I’ve been thinking about including the same thing in my routine, and was about to ask now, “yay or nay”? And my first thought in the “nay” column is how I would have to go to a gas station more often and maybe that’s not a good idea? IDK. Weigh in, folks.

When I see something funny or entertaining or uplifting, I save it… but I don’t always remember where. Haha! Yesterday I came across things in my saved FB posts, Instagram snapshots in my Google Photos, and notes on other photos and screenshots in my downloads folder. It was an unexpected treasure hunt!

For today I’ll share 2 uplifting treasures and 1 funny. 🙂

Joy #1: this video of a scene in Spain where medical staff are applauding the discharge of a 94-year old woman who recovered from COVID-19. Amazing and hopeful when one of our most vulnerable makes it through.

Joy #2: I’m 99% sure that 98% of you have already seen this because it got shared like crazy, but John Krasinski aired his second “Some Good News” YouTube episode and I’ve cut to the good part: a surprise Zoom appearance from the original cast of Hamilton for a 9-year old who had to miss the show this week. Cue all the tears, and also, SO FUN:

(If, for some reason, it doesn’t start at the “good part”, watch the whole thing, or jump to 6:28)

And now the funny. IDK why, but this one made me giggle out loud. Might be because I’m tired. Or maybe it’s simply silly:

Currently Reading (print): The Truth About Love (A) – Sheila Athens

Be well. Find laughter when you can.

One thought on “Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 16

  1. We’d considered the driving around thing too. We ended up on “nay” for the same reason you mentioned—having to get gas.

    The Hamilton video was the best thing about my yesterday. I really hope Lin Manuel Miranda is as truly good as he seems to be.

    The Van Gogh meme made me giggle. Thanks for sharing.


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