Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 12

Is it only Tuesday?

The good news (maybe), is that March is over! We made it through!

Here’s the fun stuff today:

The language teacher in me got a kick out of this exchange about teaching Australians formal vs. informal (which we don’t really have much of in U.S. English, either) and it has absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus, so there’s that, too:

Whoops, sorry, I just realized there’s a little bit of, um, *other* language in there, too…

This was cute… look closely inside the washer in case you don’t “get” it right away (h/t Kris Erin Clink):

And I saved the best for last, GOATS ON THE LOOSE. Some fun video and narrative in this Twitter thread. Click out!

Currently Reading (print): Running with Lions (YA) – Julian Winters

Currently Reading (audio): ??? Still haven’t decided on what… or how to work it into my new, non-commuting schedule, yet. I just know I’ll miss it if I don’t start something.

About every other day I sleep well…I hope your sleep schedule is better!


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