Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 5

Here’s an interesting thing to be out of at the grocery store: skim milk. My husband called home to tell me this yesterday and I conceded that 1% would be just fine. No soy milk for him, though, so that might be a tough sacrifice. OTOH, he likes whole milk. Humans are wonderful contradictions. What odd thing have you discovered a shortage of (other than toilet paper, obvs)? Sound off in the comments.

I do not know what is actually going on here, but it’s a great surprise for the cat at the end:

AITA Reddit is all the rage these days, but it is awfully nice when someone posts a different kind of Reddit post altogether. To quote my friend Jen on this one: “It’s got all my favorite fanfic tropes and I love it.”

So do I. Click on out and then you can also find some follow-up, too. I’m all 😍.

Currently Reading (print): Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes (A) – Kathleen West

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

(Is it weird that I keep listing the same reads multiple days in a row? I figure not everyone will be seeing these posts daily so why not keep plugging the authors.)

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