Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 3

Number of times drivers thought I was driving too slow, even in the slow lane, even though I was already speeding: 0 (That’s because I wasn’t on the road yesterday… had a day off…non-certified school staff spring break = 1 day. WHOO HOO! )

I’ve been neck deep in prepping devices for our students to take home next week as we get ready to start distance learning and today was a welcome break as Monday starts a very busy week continuing with that prep and helping teachers figure out their own technology.

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here are some ideas:

I’ve never watched Project Runway, but something about this offer seemed kind of cool, and the acceptance of it (h/t to Elena Mikalsen for the screen shot):

Finally, Stella the Dog loves jumping into leaves. This compilation is long, but I could not stop watching. She is having SO MUCH FUN. Super cute:

Currently Reading (print): Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes (A) – Kathleen West

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

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