Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 2

Number of glares I received on the highway yesterday for not driving like someone would on I-90 through Montana: 5

Yesterday’s Facebook feed was full of screenshots of videoconferencing – FUN. I am so glad my colleagues, family, and friends are embracing this. Plus, two of my friends and former colleagues surprised me with a video call today and boy was that needed!

My partner, in an effort to get Youngest Child to do something other than watch TV all day, has offered rewards if he reads 100 pages/day. Today, Youngest Child decided to prove he did it by creating a time-lapse video of him reading:

I mean, we can’t see the book most of the time, so do we REALLY believe him?

While at work today, the weather was kind of dreary, but then again, I captured this shot just outside a classroom window. I loved all the pretty water droplets decorating the branches like twinkle lights:

There were a few funnies from the Interwebz I could share, but I’ll go with this “aww” moment, instead:

Currently Reading (print): Infinity Son (YA) – Adam Silvera

Currently Reading (audio): Yes, No, Maybe So (YA) – Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

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  1. jkrundquist says:

    So good to see some of Leo!

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