Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 1

There have been fewer cars on the road these past few days and has anyone noticed that more of them are crazy drivers? Those who weave at mad speeds on the highway or follow you right on your as bumper? I can’t decide if these drivers are:

A) the same ones who have always been there, but now they are more visible because there are fewer cars in their way

B) new people taking advantage of the emptier roads

C) a metaphor for who believes in quarantine measures and who doesn’t.


My favorite posts from around the interwebs from the past couple of days:

  1. This post from author TA Munroe, upon realizing that the characters in her book don’t suddenly have to live in our same exact world right now! They can touch their faces and everything!

2. This, among so many great jokes about distance learning/home schooling our kids:

Cheers and hang in there!

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