Do the Work

Do you know what’s comforting?

To realize that sometimes, when you’re feeling sluggish and unaccomplished one month into a new year, it isn’t unusual. To discover that this is how you feel each and every year at around this time.

I was paging through old posts, knowing that some of what I was going to write about today I’ve touched upon before. And sure enough….

January 20, 2015:

“It’s the third week of January. The year is still NEW and yet already feels like it’s been around forever, amirite?”

February 9, 2017:

“So, January happened.”

I can relate to these memes:

There are a lot of things that made January feel like forever (and often the Minnesota cold is a big one – Polar Vortex anyone?), but finding the motivation to get back into writing was a big one. I tried to do NaNo last year and basically quit not much more than a week in, because I had too many other factors working against me. I gave myself permission to step back.

But man, I “stepped back” for waaayyy too long. I have a really good WIP started and waiting for me. I should be able to jump right back in, right?

Ugh. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes I’ve sort of dismissed it when people say they are impressed with me having written entire novels; yet it is this part of the process that I should remember because yep, there’s work involved with writing and yep, pushing through and finishing the novels is a big deal.

And so, I am taking my deep breaths, joyfully saying goodbye to January, and sitting down to Do the Work. I’m going to do the things I know will help me… getting my daily swim in, listening to my music playlist for this project, making time, and I will persevere.

How does January treat you? How do you overcome the obstacle of getting back into your project, be it writing or otherwise?

I like OAR’s recent song, “I Go Through” for various reasons (and it’s on my WIP playlist), but these lyrics speak to me right now:

We go ’round and around it

We go over and under

We go through

What do you think? I'd love to discuss!

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