I debated holding onto my 2018 One Word Resolution of BELIEVE because, to be frank, or frances, the whole “Believe” thing didn’t go so well last year. I’m not saying 2018 was a bad year; it was actually a pretty great year in many areas. Professionally, personally – there’s a lot I can celebrate. A lot where Believe succeeded.

When it comes down to it, Believe broke down when applied to my journey to publication. Following that dream is NOT for the impatient, the insecure, the self-righteous, or the weak-hearted. And I don’t mean you can be one of those things for awhile and not the others. It feels like you simply can’t be ANY of them at any time at all.

You can see where I struggled. Still struggle.

Where Believe came into play was in my writing. I had to remember that the writing was the important thing. Not the other stuff. The other stuff can’t ever be more than the writing itself.

So I’m now deciding Believe worked. It’s an accomplishment. I started a new writing project and you know what? I definitely believe in it (even if I haven’t worked on it for the past 6 weeks. SHHHHHHHH.) Believe is not finished (just as Invest and Commit have not been abandoned), but I’m ready to move on for 2019.


“Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.” (New Oxford American Dictionary)

That sort of sounds like stubborn or pig-headed…. But CONNOTATION MATTERS. It does! I swear! Although, who cares – in this case, if it means I keep writing and trying to publish, then connote whatever you like. If it means keeping at the things that propel my professional life, then persistent I shall be. If it means devoting the necessary time and resources for my personal goals, then stubborn, it is.

If it means continual work at the previous years’ one-word resolutions, I will STICK IT OUT.

And you? What is your one word, one phrase, one theme, one whatever for 2019?

Jordin Sparks gets it. She’s telling me yes, keep at it, one step at a time:

One step at a time / There’s no need to rush

It’s like learning to fly / Or falling in love

It’s gonna happen and it’s / Supposed to happen that we

Find the reasons why /One step at a time

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2 Responses to Persevere

  1. Jen says:

    You chose a good one. I was going to stick with my 2018 word—“engage”—but something happened yesterday that made me settle on “resilience” instead. It’s not a verb, but it’s definitely the word I need this year.


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