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Monday Minutiae – 4/22/18

New thing I’m going to try out:

Summer Reading List

I’ve got a novel idea surrounding the prolific “100 books everyone should read” lists, and since 99% of those lists consist almost entirely of white male authors, I figured I’d have to make up my own. NPR did a survey of people’s most loved books and came up with a much more balanced list in terms of adult vs young adult, time of publication, and diversity. It’s still not as balanced as it needs to be, but if these “best loved” came from the general population polled, then I see progress, at least, and thanks to NPR for doing some of my research.

The Writing Process

Here’s another “100” thing (why do people insist upon such a large number?). A week and a half ago, I finished a “Write 100 Words a Day for 100 Days” challenge. It was more challenging than I expected it to be! I mean, the point was to get me consistently writing. And the other point was that if I fell off the wagon, then just start over, right? Except, 100 days is longer than it seems and it seems like at day 50 I would just groan about starting over and probably wouldn’t bother. So I persevered. Since I’ve been in revision mode, the challenge to write 100 NEW words sometimes posed the greatest problem, but what ended up happening is that on days where very little new content was likely to happen, I’d jump over to a different project (Novel #4) that I had stalled out on at least twice. You know what? I think I have finally figured out how to solve the problem of Novel #4. That might be my biggest takeaway win from the challenge.

Winter Break

Remember when I wrote about Hygge? And how my friend and I were relying on it to help us embrace Minnesota LONG winters? Perhaps you thought I was exaggerating on how long our winters can be, but I assure you, when a foot and a half dumps on your lawn during the first full weekend of April, you might need a little Hygge help. I am pretty proud of myself for my zen attitude at all this silly snow. I kind of stopped knitting, but I’ll be honest, my saving grace this winter season was my YMCA membership. I’m not a huge fan of treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, but swimming? Yes. Exercise on a regular basis – and better yet, water-related exercise – helped SO MUCH. We’e had beautiful 60+ degree weather this past weekend and crossing fingers this real spring stays.


I went to see Love, Simon a little over a week ago and initially I said I liked about 85% of it. I started re-reading the book (Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda)  – third time – because I wanted to be sure I was remembering certain things right because dang it, that 15% I didn’t like? I Really Didn’t Like It. Chat me up if you’ve both read the book and seen the movie because I’m ready to discuss more.

Currently reading (print): All the Best People (A) – Sonja Yoerg

Currently reading (audio): Half of a Yellow Sun (A) – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Song of the Week:

Writing is going well. The weather is looking up. I’m dancin’. How about you?



2 thoughts on “Monday Minutiae – 4/22/18

  1. I would love to follow along with a list of your personal “100 books” to read. I don’t know that our tastes always mesh, but it would push me out of my usual choices in fiction and non-fiction.

    I’m also interested in the 100 days/100 words challenge you mention. I feel like I’ve had to pull sentences out my brain word by word since my mom died and that kind of goal might help. Was it something you did for yourself or was it from a website/tracker?


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