I skipped a year between Invest and Commit, but I kind of love this progression for my One Word Resolution.

I’m not great about true resolutions and am more an advocate for specific goals that arise whenever they are appropriate. Some of that is the educator in me – my new year has often started in September, not January. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time teaching students about how to make goals specific and achievable, which frequently New Year’s Resolutions are not. I’ve seen how often they fail (both my own and others’). If you are like one friend of mine, and develop a meticulous plan to achieve your resolutions, then Bingo, you’re in business. Unfortunately, I am not that detail-oriented.

I can also be a bit contrary, and therefore I rebel against this whole idea of MUST HAVE RESOLUTIONS FOR A NEW CALENDAR YEAR. I know. We all have our annoying traits. That is but one of many of mine. Heh.

I’ve jumped aboard the One Word Resolution thing, though. I like having a single, overarching motivator that I can mold and shape past, present, and future goals – both personal and professional.

I felt uncertain and conflicted about a lot of things last year, and so I chose COMMIT to help me choose paths for a secure vision. I think I did a pretty good job with that one. In a year that had my nation swirling around me tumultously, I focused on my one word, which helped ground me and make it through.

My nation is still in a downward spiral, so I still need grounding. This year I choose BELIEVE. Believe in myself. Believe in my choices. Believe everyone’s stories. Believe we will stand strong and hold one another up. Believe that we can make change. Believe that I can make change – however small it might be. Believe that I will find a publishing path. Believe that I can keep writing. Believe that I what I write will reach someone who needs it. Believe that my children will continue to grow in strength and kindness. And so on.

I’ve made the investment in both personal and professional areas of my life, committed myself to move forward in those areas, and now I must believe that I can fulfill those commitments successfully, in one way or another.

I like the direction I’m headed.

What about you? What one word have you chosen? Why? How does it connect with what you’ve already worked towards or accomplished?

For my song, I’m going with Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder”:

I was dreaming of bigger things

And wanna leave my own life behind

Not a yes sir, not a follower

…I was lightning, before the thunder

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5 Responses to Believe

  1. Mary M-S says:

    I’ve never picked a word or theme before; this one seemed to pick me. For me it’s about changing my perspective, looking at something from a positive versus a negative angle. I seem to be swirling in articles or videos that talk about perspective and seeing something from a different viewpoint.

    I like ‘believe’ for these particular times; excellent choice. Also, you post the BEST songs and I truly appreciate that you expose me to music I would otherwise never know. This has a wonderful quiet energy to it.

    All the best for 2018 … I BELIEVE in YOU! ❤

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    • ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) says:

      If it picked you, then you MUST go with it. While I think I’m pretty good with perspective – and different ones – I confess it might be a bit too challenging for me in some areas right now. Hm.
      Thank you for your belief in me!


  2. Jen (@JSQ79) says:

    I like your one word resolutions. I’m particularly intrigued by “believe” because I think that would be a very difficult one for me. I hope you share your progress with us throughout the year.

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    • ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) says:

      I anticipate it being quite a challenge at times… I feel like it’s doable right now, so I’m going with it. And what kind of resolution would it be if there were no challenge? Deep breaths and digging in.


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