Creative Commons Has Opinions About Your Thanksgiving Clip Art

The other day, a colleague of mine was in search of photos and clip art for a project that went beyond the bounds of the standard “fair use” within education. Teachers are pretty liberal with the “fair use” clause when it comes to their educational materials, btw. All those popular songs I taught my students in Spanish class? Yeah, back in the day, I burned onto CDs 60 copies of that one purchase for all of them to have a copy. IT WAS FOR THE CHILDREN.

Yeah, so if it’s not for the non-profit world of K-12 education, then all that “fair use” and “for educational purposes” nonsense goes out the window. I used to work for a for-profit online education vendor and learned all about the wonderful world of Creative Commons, which helps you search out images that allow you to both modify and use in a commercial setting.

You know how Amazon sometimes has a rush of really entertaining reviews for goofy products? Remember “Bic for Her”?

I felt a little of this when delving into the world of free-for-all-to-use image galleries of Thanksgiving images. Fear not, if you choose to use something offensive (and boy, there sure is a lot out there for this holiday), the contributors to the database will set you straight.

This photo is all wrong, but it sure looks all friendly-like. (Also, note one of the tags: “propaganda”. Ha!) :


Image credit:


You know, just your random Native American “hanging” out with some Pilgrims. In case you didn’t know, those guys he was hanging out with kind of ruined everything after that day, and “that’s a quick history thought”:


  Image credit:


Vegetarians are not to be left out, either – “this guy is handing a murdered bird over…” Also, if you are ever searching for a picture that depicts “dead” – this user has tagged this one to help you out:


Image credit:




Image credit:


May you all have a relaxing Thanksgiving and use all your clip-art wisely!


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