Saturday Summation – 22 July 2017

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

Think an editorial checklist might be handy? How about one that a literary agent uses? Agent Jenny Bent tweeted out her list and seems like it would be pretty handy if you are finalizing a manuscript that you are getting ready to query…

Sometimes, getting dialogue right – as in natural-sounding while also avoiding all the mundanities of it – lies in what’s consciously or unconsciously hidden in the conversations. Maybe a character is well practiced in not talking about a certain time period in her life that she’s already developed ways to deflect or evade without even thinking about it. Becca Puglisi describes ways to develop the surroundings of dialogue that will bring authenticity to it. She gives some good, concrete, suggestions.


Reading Stuff:

“We need to stop judging people who don’t read a lot”, Clay Andres says and I agree, though I confess that I’m not always great about this. In truth, I can be judgy towards those who don’t read at all, as that situation pains me. If you don’t read much? I seriously don’t care about that. I’m just happy you’re reading something. Also, let’s not judge what someone is reading. (Although, you’ll take suggestions from me, won’t you? smile)

I’ll admit to not having quite read this whole post about teaching students about our own personal biases and how they contribute to stereotypes when I discovered the sole focus was on gender roles. However, there is a lot of good in it that can also be applied to other situations – culture, race, religion, etc. I think this should be part of the basic pre-reading strategies teachers employ, don’t you?


Song of the Week:

When the song “Not Easy” came out featuring X Ambassadors, Elle King, and Wiz Khalifa, I remember reading about how it was written by Alex da Kid, who got part of his inspiration from an IBM program that helped discover what lyrics and song structures appealed to human emotions. And for me, anyway, that song works. I definitely feel the bittersweet heartache of that song. Yesterday, one of our local radio stations talked about this article, that says neuroscience tags Toto’s “Africa” as the best song ever. It’s no wonder that it’s been showing up in all kinds of unexpected places for me in the past couple of months, if that’s, you know, true. Ha. Here you go. Let your brain soak it up:


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