Saturday Summation – 10 December 2016

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

This is kind of a minimalist summation post. I’ve struggled with writing anything at all in the past month, even these more basic Summation posts. So I’ve plucked a couple that have really stuck with me and threw in some recent recommended reads:

Reading Stuff:

Buzzfeed had an article Alanna Bennett that talked of the generation that grew up with Harry Potter and its current relationship with the HP world. I felt it gathered my thoughts pretty well – as a writer/author, I totally get the desire to continue in a world that gave you so much back in so many ways, but personally, I kind of feel like Rowling might have done better to leave it all well enough alone. And yet… I read the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script and mostly enjoyed it (there was one key point that I didn’t like as well, the foundation for the story in the first place – it’s a little tired), and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  – mostly because my youngest was soooper excited to see it. I enjoyed it more than I expected, but am still troubled with Rowling’s lead up to it with her American magical lore and co-opting, unsuccessfully, Native American/First Nations ideas. So you see, I’m conflicted and basically continue to circle back on “how about concentrate on your Cormoran Strike series, instead” camp. What do you think?

Writing Stuff:

Kate Moretti shared a post a while back on preserving our creative selves in times of trouble that spoke to me. I haven’t been overly successful with her suggestions, but I appreciate them and even though words have not been making their way back into my routine, I have dedicated energy into different endeavors (especially professionally) that has helped.

Recommended Reads:

Echoes of Family – Barbara Claypole White (A) (my Goodreads review)
The Moon in the Palace – Weina Dai Randel (A)

When the Moon Was Ours – Anna-Marie McLemore (YA)

Currently reading: Exit Signs by Patrice Locke, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, and listening to my first Jack Reacher novel: Killing Floor by Lee Child

Song of the Week:

Yesterday, at the end of my walk, a song from the playlist of one of my novels came on that I had only recently added and it was a catalyst for ideas on how to revise that particular one. I set it on repeat during my drive home from the indoor track in order to keep the brain going. And now I have hopes that soon – maybe this weekend – I’ll actually get some words down to support those ideas.

“Be Here Long” – Needtobreathe:

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