Saturday Summation – 27 February 2016

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Fits and starts with me getting back into this blogging thing, as you can see. This post encompasses the past couple of weeks. Thank you for coming back and I hope you glean some useful information!

Writing Stuff:

It seems these days that for authors seeking agent representation, our stories have to wow like never before. They have to be like blockbuster movies. KM Weiland offers some differences to keep in mind, though, before trying to write like a movie. One part that is interesting is “Your Book’s Opening Hook Has to Be Stronger Than a Movie’s” and this is so true. How often have you seen someone leave a movie after only five minutes simply because it was “slow”? Investment and big screen and all that jazz, sure. But people will toss a book aside if it doesn’t grab ‘em within five pages (agent Jessica Faust, reminds us though, that once we have those amazing pages, let’s not forget to put our best into the rest, too).

Recently, Stephen Hull, editor of UK Huffington Post indicated that basically, he thinks its a source of pride that they don’t pay their writers (and if you didn’t know that Huffington Post UK and US didn’t do this, it’s probably good information to learn at this point). He claims that this makes the pieces more authentic. Tell me, do you do a worse job in whatever paid position you hold because you are paid for it rather than volunteering to do it? Hmm. Chuck Wendig offers a great rant about it, but I also suggest you not only read Porter Anderson’s take on it (which generally agrees), but read the comments section (I know, it’s crazy talk to suggest this, but there’s a lot of good discussion in this one).

As difficult as it can be to get rejection after rejection and *not* take it personally, we also can’t be reminded enough that a rejection does not necessarily mean our book sucks. I mean, maybe it does, more more likely is that it simply isn’t the one that made the agent over-the-top excited – and don’t we deserve that? Agent Jessica Faust talks about how this is the one thing they are looking for and a while back I looked at it in the same way that readers distinguish between a 4-star and 5-star rating for books they’ve read.

I loved this post about yearning – a feeling I have when I can’t write, or can’t write often enough, or can write, but can’t get it all out fast enough. Though it talks specifically of a writer’s struggle, I imagine anyone who spends a lot of time in the creative arts can relate.


Other Stuff:

Two articles the fall under the category of “just listen”:

The state of diversity in publishing

The state of diversity in Hollywood


Song of the Week:

A thought that came to me a few days ago… and the song to go with it. What if we had a daily goal to make just one person happy? Nothing life-changing, just happy. Seems like that would be an accomplishment to be proud of, don’t you think?




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