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Saturday Summation – 12 December 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…


Reading Stuff:

Here it is, one of the latest in publishing innovation – books to be sold as apps. I’m not even entirely sure what this means, but I’m kinda interested in seeing how a big name like Wally Lamb can show whether or not it’s a success.

Popular poetry re-written to match a theme? Don’t mind if we do. Check out ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and its bookish theme.

One of the biggest difficulties for me in choosing to read a self-published book is that I can’t find them in libraries, which means to expand my experience with trying to read more of them means spending more money than I’d like. I’m no stranger to spending money on books (well, duh), but sometimes when I buy a book in print from a traditional publishing house, it’s because I’ve seen a wide variety of reviews come through my news feed or I can page through it at the bookstore. I’ve yet to have a lot of success in “browsing” Amazon for books. I say all this because I want to give more self-published books a shot and be able to recommend to others what those really good ones are. A.J. O’Connell at BookRiot has a goal to read more self-published works and offers a personal plan for how to find ones to choose. I’m not sure all of the suggestions on this front are sound, but maybe I’ll give Smashwords a try to see if that site makes choosing easier.


Writing Stuff:

There is a lot of conflicting opinion in the writerly world about the inclusion of backstory in novels. Lisa Cron does her best to clarify that indeed, backstory is necessary and positive if done right. She talks about doing flashbacks well, but I’d argue that there are plenty of better ways to provide backstory without even having to resort to “flashbacks”.


Miscellaneous Stuff:

Not related to reading or writing – unless you are me and looking at writing as another career path, I appreciated this post from Mindshift that talks of having the potential of multiple careers and how this shouldn’t be a source for anxiety. As someone who has embraced change in jobs and potential careers, it seems natural to assume this potential exists for everyone, but I suppose for some (many?) it can be a source of anxiety; that maybe there is pressure to follow one career path. When I consider the college prep that starts for students earlier and earlier, this possible anxiety becomes clearer to me. Check out the related TED talk within the post.


Recommended Reads:

Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz (MG)

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott (YA) (my review)

A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner (A)

The Future for Curious People by Gregory Sherl (A)

Currently Reading:

The Cuckoo’s Calling  by Robert Galbraith


Song of the Week:

One of my uncles died last week and his funeral was on Monday of this week. He was a great guy with a huge heart and always with a mischievous glint in his eye. That glint was definitely there when this song played during the funeral service… and it’s not that there is anything bad about any part of the song (on the contrary – solid lyrics all the way through), but I am not sure the family anticipated the change in musical style that happens partway through the song. If you don’t know it, please press play and then wait for it. It gave us all a good laugh, which was very fitting.

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