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Saturday Summation – 17 January 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

Author Heather Webb catches me right where I am – in survival mode for the “space between”. I’m between books. I’m between hopes for where I thought my writing journey would take me at this point in time. I’m between the before and after confidence. It’s not always a fun place to be. So I’m working at somehow lodging Webb’s words into my consciousness: “Remember why you’re here.” and “Embrace the journey.”

On a related note, my agent and I parted ways earlier this summer, hence some of the “between” moments for me. This week, Nathan Bransford shared some thoughts on what makes for good and bad reasons for leaving your agent. None of them really apply to my situation, and thankfully, the split between my agent and me was quite professional and amicable. Still, his post is a reminder that in spite of the difficulty, sometimes the parting is the right decision.

With all of the argument about it being okay for adults to enjoy Young Adult books (and Middle Grade!), I think this article is an important one to authors in remembering who there intended audience is still supposed to be. Certainly Disney/Pixar works a little too hard to blend adult with children in their movies – do we run this risk with children’s books, too?

Reading Stuff:

It’s time for the periodic challenge to the “literary canon” – ie: the titles that fill our undergraduate (and graduate) English courses. In this NYTimes examination, you can go ahead and skip to Francine Prose’s take, which speaks much more practically (and closer to what I think about the whole idea of a “canon” – which is to ditch it). She says, “…I would be in favor of expanding the canon rather than narrowing it down, of enlarging the guest list rather than disinviting the writers we no longer want at the party.”

This post by John Green shares the realities – and frustrations – with the monotony of actor interviews, and it reminded me of blog tour author interviews. I admit to having little interest in most author interview posts – even of authors that I know and love. Let’s get creative, folks – not just for our readers’ sakes, but for the authors, too.

Currently Reading:

Vida by Patricia Engel

Video of the Week:

The clear winner – Key and Peele to “TeachingCenter” – a parody of SportsCenter in which teachers are featured like athletes. Good times.

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