Saturday Summation – 16 May 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

At this phase of my journey to publication, I’ve basically stopped reading “why an agent stops reading” posts. Most of them say most of the same things and I got it. Now I’m pulled in by “why an editor stops reading” kind of post. This one from Elizabeth Law, former editor for Viking, now on her own, had some different things that were worthwhile reminders. There are a couple that don’t make sense if you are thinking in terms of “editor at a major publishing house” since surely an agent will have already caught major issues, but numbers 3,4, and 6 resonated especially.

Sometimes we can’t fit writing in – for realsies. Life has other things that can truly impede. For all the other times, we have these suggestions from Fae Rowen. Rowen’s post comes from a situation of too many emotional obstacles, but I really like them for “in-between projects” time, too. When I’ve finished one and don’t know how to start writing the next, I need these methods.

Earlier this week I used author Michael J. Martinez as an example about author-reader connection. The very next day, he showed up as a guest poster on Chuck Wendig’s blog. Nice timing! And while Martinez is one of those authors that make many of us say, “dang it, why does your process sounds so EASY”, he gives justice to appreciating not everyone’s process will be the same. “Respect your writing process” he says. I know I do. How about you?

Reading Stuff:

Okay, y’all, here’s an article that perpetuates the problem it’s trying to address. The question: Is there a double standard (for men and women) when judging domestic themes in fiction? Two authors respond: Cheryl Strayed (female) and Pankaj Mishra (male). Strayed’s is evidentiary, yet also straightforward. Mishra’s is extraordinarily highbrow and more convoluted. He agrees with Strayed (I think), but here’s the problem: this kind of writing is why some “domestic” fiction written by males purports to be judged “better”. If you use a lot of big words and uber-formal language (like my use of “convoluted” and “purports”, no?), your stories MUST be better, right? And obviously, I’m not saying at all that the women we are comparing against do not write with big words or formality…. but sometimes it’s the approach. Language does not necessarily match content.

Currently Reading:

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Song of the Week:

The Indigo Girls have a new album coming out in a month! They are my all-time favorite artists, so here, let’s all get a little taste of that new album:

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1 Response to Saturday Summation – 16 May 2015

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    What a great mash-up! Thanks so much for including Fae’s article from Writers in the Storm. 🙂


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