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Saturday Summation – 04 April 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

I remember a few years ago when Bones creator Hart Hanson tweeted out something to the effect of “a character just said something unexpected” and that this was a first for him (I have a good guess as to the scene he is talking about, too). I smiled at the comment because back then, it felt cool to share something in common with a big name writer, even if in a totally different genre. Also, I love when this happens to me and my characters. I know this doesn’t happen to all writers, and plenty of those same writers are probably quite happy it doesn’t. Who’s supposed to be in control anyway, right? Author Andrea Lochen gives a glimpse into what it means when authors say their characters are in control as well as advantages to allowing it to happen if you are one to otherwise stifle it.

I’ve been editing lately (and it’s starting to come together again – thanks to all of you who sent along good vibes for that last week!) and one of the challenges I have been working on is keeping my protagonist relevant – which shouldn’t seem so hard except, she’s dead. It’s one thing to make her strong, but, as Julie Eshbaugh indicates, this isn’t necessarily enough. She needs to be an active character. What do you think?

Reading Stuff:

Agent Jordan Brown adds his voice to a children’s and young adult “About the Girls” series on supporting female voices and addressing their marginalization in both the writing world and in readership. I think his post shows himself as a new ally in the #HeForShe movement and I have appreciated his honesty and thoughtfulness in how he has grown in this regard.

Author Matt de la Peña writes about the importance of knowing when and how to talk about diversity with our children and their reading. Are there teachable moments when our children ask about differences? Of course. Should we force them? Not necessarily.

One of the blogs I follow regularly is that of Agent Janet Reid. She’s developed quite the community over there. As such, she took the suggestion of a frequent contributor and Thursday’s post recommended readers to post links to their blogs in order to encourage extending this community. If you are looking to connect with other writers, this might be another great way to go. Check out the bunches and bunches of writer pages there.

Song of the Week:

I just saw Woman in Gold last night and really enjoyed it (I do love Helen Mirren) and though I had seen previews, what I hadn’t known was the lineage of her lawyer, Randol Schoenberg. So interesting. Anyhow, I couldn’t tell you much about his grandfather, composer Arnold Schoenberg, other than I had at least heard of him. Verklärkte Nacht seems to be one of his more famous pieces so I invite you to press play and let it move you as you continue on your other interwebz activities.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Summation – 04 April 2015

  1. Great info here! Thank you for sharing the links. (I do get what you/Hart Hanson mean by those pesky mouthy characters who decide to share their opinions unexpectedly.) 🙂


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