Saturday Summation – 17 January 2015

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

I can’t say that I have never imagined having a book of mine reach the bestseller list (I mean, c’mon, no one’s THAT modest, you know?), but reality shows that bestselling novelists are the minority and to be a “mid-lister” is quite respectable. And, as author Lesley McDowell says, possibly even preferable if you are not one wanting the pressures of fame and bestsellerdom. I like what she had to say and I truly will consider myself lucky to be a “mid-lister” when I start selling books. 🙂

As a follow up, there is this interesting infographic that shows ages of well-known authors at the time of their debut, their break out novel (the one that put them on the “well-known” list), and how many books sold throughout their career. Looks like I still have time!

I think in the past I have mentioned my own differentiation between “writer” and “author” – I mostly consider myself an author now, but will feel more validated once I get that first book published. However, I am without a doubt, a writer. And, if you write, then you are, too. Yes, you are a REAL writer. Need more validating words than that? Check out real author Densie Webb’s post to help you remember this.

Publishing Stuff:

Publishing is ever changing! Here’s the newest from Simon & Schuster as they break into online courses taught by some of their authors. Forward thinking! “Today’s consumers have made it plain that they want and expect more from authors than just books,” Carolyn Reidy, president and chief executive of Simon & Schuster, said in a statement. “This initiative is also another way for us to expand what Simon & Schuster can provide to our authors, building audiences for their books and creating new revenue streams.”

Video of the Week:

How many author names do you just make a wild guess at how to say them? How often are we wrong? (answer: a lot). Book Riot wins for video of the week for helping us out with some (including Jodi Picoult and Gillian Flynn)

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