Saturday Summation – 27 September 2014

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…


Publishing Stuff:

Agent Janet Reid took a question on her blog this week about whether or not one should hire a publicist. She raises some good points, but more interesting to me was the graphic she included that shows what makes a bestseller – ie, just how many books does it take to sell in a week – and then in total, to get you there (and how many copies of my books in the future will you pre-order now that you know this? haha)


Reading Stuff:

Want another site for getting the lowdown on great books to add to your TBR list? Jill Hannah Anderson has started a Friday Fiction Friend blog in which fellow friends, authors, writers guest post on a book s/he loved. You can read the manifesto here, and then move on to the inaugural post on a book I have also recommended in the past. Great start!


Writing Stuff:

John Vorhaus gives an entertaining take on revision that he calls “squeezing out the stupid”. What really stuck with me about his post, though, is that I finally understand a little better what it looks like to be a “pantser’ writer (not really my favorite term, but that’s what’s out there these days, whattayagonnado?) Best line for me:

“So there I am, stuck with a fast, ragged, ugly first draft, with loose ends sticking out all over, no clear sense of what I’m driving at thematically and – you can be sure of this – an ending that 100 percent does not work. “

Ah, thank goodness. So really, a pantser is just one who free writes completely for planning purposes. (I’m going with that, anyway.)

Do you remember when Amtrak said it was going to take applications for his writer in residency program? They’ve got 24 writers ready to go. Read about them here.

Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve introduced and tried to encourage everyone to contribute to my Fiction with Friends blog, so here goes. I invite YOU to both read and think about submitting a little something to this little blog. You got a short story that needs a safe place to land? Maybe just a piece of flash fiction that you wrote just for fun – or for a distraction – or for something NEW to try? I want it. Fiction with Friends wants it.


Video of the Week:

I know it’s been all over the place – but that’s because it should be. Emma Watson gave a great speech to the UN about feminism. What made it so great? She showed us how to do feminism right. She opened up to remind us that it goes both ways and it can’t be just women trying to push for equality, men have to be right there with us. #heforshe

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  1. Zan Marie says:

    What a fascinating list of tidbits!


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