Saturday Summation – 12 April 2014

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…


Writing Stuff:

“Without This You’ll Never Succeed As a Writer” is a little dramatic for the title (and content) of this post I read this week, but it kind of fits for the author, Chuck Sambuchino. I’ll give you a hint to what the “this” is – contact information. Check out what he has to say about it and why there is more than one reason for being out there on the web somehow.

If there is one thing that I read a lot about is that writers and authors hate writing a synopsis – maybe even above the query letter. I have to say, when I learned that a synopsis doesn’t need to be fancy, it changed my whole outlook. It has to be complete, yet concise and does not have to be a work of art with the wow factor of your novel writing. That being said, it still has to be well-written, of course. Many resources out there for this (maybe I’ll have some for an upcoming resource kit/post soon?), but Shannon Donnelly recently added to this last week with her synopsis checklist to help you out.

I’ve recently come upon this blog – “I Write for Apples” which has a new (?) series going on called “Query-Sign-Submit”. It focuses on agent interviews and what those agents like to see in the slush pile.

Speaking of this resource, a recent post of hers introduced me to TimeToast, which is one of many timeline sites that exist out on the web.  I like it so far because it is simple and I like the clean, easy view options available. As someone who recently talked about having to more formally outline for my current project, this came along at a good time, since I definitely need to keep track of events and ages and whatnot.

Writer and critique group colleague Christine Adler gives a great example about how point-of-view matters in a story – especially deciding between limited, single points of view and multiple character perspectives. Obviously we have to choose the route best for our story, but check out Chris’ thoughts on how she came upon this realization.


Reading and Writing Stuff:

April is National Poetry Month and while I am seriously not your go-to person for poetry of any kind (although I wrote a fun essay back in high school about this non-relationship with poetry I have with it), NPR has been publishing some great articles about it – and a lot of them have focused on marginalized groups in the writing world. This one about the use of social media to strengthen their voices raises so many great issues, then closes with a crowd-sourced Twitter poem about race and culture.


Video/Song of the Week:

Last Thursday was “National” siblings day. I don’t know why this had to be made into a national thing or whatever, but to show I’m not a total killjoy about the whole thing, I give you “Sisters and Brothers” from Free to Be You and Me – including a clip before the song from the show. (If you want to jump straight to the song, that starts at 2:30.)

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