Saturday Summation – 16 November 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff:

 A few weeks ago, one of my favorite authors ran a Twitter game in which he and 5 other people formed Twitter accounts and the game was to guess who was the real Rothfuss. I confess to not really playing  – I followed who I thought was #TheRealRothfuss, then found out about his game, and then he had a page where all 6 Twitter accounts could be visible at the same time. As a regular reader of his blog, I ended up thinking I had the ONE. Wrong! Major kudos to author Mary Robinette who totally took the game to a new level.

I see many agents talk about in their wishlist of future authors to represent that they like a story that has a strong sense of place. To me, this always means more description, which is not my strength. However, Kimberly Brock reminds me that it isn’t entirely this, and also in the value of remembering setting. She has some good tips with how to accomplish a memorable setting.

I always like posts about writing guidelines vs. rules – here’s a brief one that I could relate to as it talks about time and effort. In this National Novel Writing Month where many writers are getting 50k words written in 30 days, they are embracing the rules while I stand back, unable to. I applaud those on both sides of the fence.


Reading Stuff:

This made me laugh – the Publisher’s Weekly review director has added words to a ban list of what can be used in their book reviews. Authors no longer have to be the only wordsmiths – it’s time for the book reviewers to step up their game.

I’ve just added this author (Matt de la Peña) to my reading list – an uplifting story about how writing – and really creativity in general – has the potential to keep youth with unimaginable home lives from falling too far from a new path, one that could save their lives and keep them grounded.  


Writing and Reading Stuff

So this made me go, “um, wow”. Publisher Knopf just bought a debut novel for almost $2 million. That might not be enough to awe you, but the fact that this same novel is 900 pages might help. The author has some connections, which probably helped a little bit, but it just takes me straight out of the whole realm of understanding publishing at all that this happened. I guess it’s a great novel, huh?

Video of the Week

Thanks to my friend Amy posting this on FB a while back – it’s a fun family cover of Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts”. If it’s not cute enough that this musician is doing this fun thing with his kids, my favorite part is seeing the keyboard and the xylophone with the musical note stickers.

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1 Response to Saturday Summation – 16 November 2013

  1. What a great post, Janet! Lots of helpful links and an adorable video. What lucky kids to have such a creative dad! 😀 Thanks for sharing.


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