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Saturday Summation – 04 May 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…


Reading Stuff

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has announced it will serialize a novel this summer. I don’t know if that means it will also be online, but if you’re a subscriber, sounds like fun! The novel is Giving Up the Ghost by Mary Logue.

Claire Messud has a new novel out and I’ve never read her, but a couple of the reviews I’ve seen are what have caught my eye. In one, she complains to an interviewer about a question posed on whether or not she would be friends with her main character. Messud reacts with aggravation at the implication that this question wouldn’t be asked of a male author’s characters. Is she correct? I’m not sure. Looking at the first part of the interview gives some insight into why Messud might have reacted the way she did. I might be on her side since I also saw a review from Huffington Post that in their “Who will read this” had this: “This book will definitely appeal to women, as Messud really captures what it’s like to be a woman.” What does that even mean? “Summer will definitely appeal to those who like warm weather because it really captures what it’s like to be hot.”


Writing Stuff

I’ve posted a link or two in a previous Summation about the idea of dream agents and how popularity and success don’t always mean that those particular agents are the right one for a write seeking one. Stina Lindenblatt on the QueryTracker blog this week talks about “stalking” potential agents – but in that good, Twitter and blogging way. In other words, if you are really doing your research ahead of time, you will track conversations and behaviors from an agent that will be better signs that s/he might be the best one to shop your writing.

On a somewhat related note, I joked on Twitter last week that a year ago, agents were scoffing at the idea that writers were querying “New Adult” novels and that this was not a “real” genre. I remember at the time thinking, “but I bet it will be”. Sure enough, Publisher’s Marketplace (a hub for publishing news, sales, etc) has now officially included it in its list of genres and now agents are all “SEND ME YOUR NEW ADULT”. Are they the same ones that snubbed it before? I don’t know, but it is an excellent example of determining if that agent really is the one you want if s/he is. Not sure what New Adult is? Tamara Mataya talks a little bit about it in a new blog of NA writers and even more can be found on the NA Alley blog.

On a not related note at all, if you are stuck on that sex scene in your story, author Delilah Dawson has some entertaining tips to help you as a guest poster on Chuck Wendig’s blog.


Song of the Week

The latest from Sara Bareilles:

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