Saturday Summation – 13 April 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Just 2 links today, but good ones:

Writing Stuff

Author Chuck Wendig posted a great piece about the recent string of self-publishing articles in Salon. In it he gives a great view of whether or not going “Indie first” (specifically self-pub in this instance, since Indie publishing doesn’t always mean this) is the best way. Ultimately, he says that there is no right way for all authors. Of course, when you are a popular, snarky social media presence, even this viewpoint brings about the extreme and immoveable positions, so the comment section is lively. Basically, I really appreciated his post for the many realities he lists about choosing “Indie first”.

I’ve seen many bloggers write about how others view them as unpublished authors, but they usually do so in a patronizing, defensive, or entitled way. Laura Hughes offers her humble and honest view at how it feels to be an unpublished writer and admitting this to someone new. I am surrounded with people who are immensely supportive of me  (as is she), but even so, have rarely offered up to others outside of this circle that I currently write in the hopes to one day be published. Hughes very nicely reveals what it means when people add the air quotes in their head (that I do sometimes, too, about myself) when they find out you are a “writer”.


Song of the Week

A friend of mine went on the search for new music and put out the call to Twitter… so of course I took note, too. Here’s one of the recs, “Love They Say” by Tegan and Sara:

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