Saturday Summation – 30 March 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…

Writing Stuff

When trying to describe gestures and facial expressions in our writing, what better way than to act it out first? Author Orly Konig-Lopez discusses this further in her post, “When Writing Is a Full-Body Workout.” Sometimes it just isn’t enough to imagine that clenched jaw, but to feel it, too.

Just about every writer out there has a set of “rules”. These days I read very few of those kinds of posts, especially when it numbers ten or more. Like a lot of rules, we tend to break them at some point and so I pass along author Jenny Hansen’s post on her three, especially because of her #2: “Thou shalt not adopt nonsensical rules.”

Agent Kristin Nelson gives her top two reasons for passing on sample pages – and they are so basic, yet obviously important, that I’m keeping her advice close.

Reading Stuff

The big news in the book world this past week was that Amazon bought Goodreads, the social media site that is all about readers and author connections. Some people think it’s the most awesome news ever, while others feel it’s the worst. This blogger on The Huffington Post writes about why she immediately closed down her Goodreads account and while I definitely think that is an overreaction, I do lean towards her thoughts on what may very well happen to Goodreads. The changes won’t be right away, but in spite of reps on both sides saying otherwise, changes – not necessarily favorable ones – will certainly come.

Jim Carrey says he’s going to self-publish his children’s book because “that’s just the world right now and I think it’s cool.” Why yes, Mr. Carrey, you would definitely think so because no matter how you choose to publish, everyone’s going to buy it. Whatever.

Song of the Week

I’ve been listening to Austin, TX’s KGSR online lately and though they are not quite the same station they used to be when I lived there from ’98-’00, they’ve been doing things like giving me fresh studio versions of songs I love. So, while this is neither a new song, nor is it even the version from this station, it is still a great acoustic version of one of my faves – “Sound of Sunshine” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Get up and dance, y’all.

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