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Saturday Summation – 05 January 2013

Bits and pieces of things that caught my eye not only for my own interest, but enough to want to share with you, too…


I haven’t done a Summation for quite some time and don’t have much of one this week, either because there was a lot of stuff that was either repetitive or really non-enlightening such as…

“These Are My Personal Resolutions That No One Else But Me Cares About”

“Here is My WordPress Stats Report That No One But Me Cares About”

“Here Were My Top Posts That I Would Like to Brag About and Recycle”

“Writing Goals That Are the Same Thing We Write About Throughout the Year, But Now They Are Writing Resolutions

“Top Billion List”

I know, it’s kind of obnoxious of me to do this. I’m not really against these kinds of posts… but wow, it just feels like overkill right now.

However, here are 3 decent tidbits worth sharing:

From the Write Angle blog comes a discussion about the need to make movies from books, but also how the converse is usually not successful.

The Huffington Post had a cool thing about the fantastic impact of the under-18 crowd. There are some young people out there doing some amazing things.

Jason Good frequently has a light-hearted and entertaining look at parenthood. In his New Year’s post he gives a relatable post about unsuccessfully going all “zen”.

Video of the Week

This might be the best thing I saw all week, for sure. My family frequently likes to tease about how they usually don’t understand my husband’s Facebook posts because they are often about his line of work and interest, Physics. However, this video he posted is entirely understandable and entertaining at the same time.

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