Saturday Summation – 20 October 2012

I have a super short summation this week as I have been traveling the second half of the week and had little time to read stuff.

Writing Stuff:

Author Laura Drake (her debut comes out soon!) gives some interesting and useful tips for what she calls “Writing in Real Time”. They are specific technical tips such as word order within sentences and overusing or incorrectly using certain words for simultaneous actions.

Jon Bard, in “Write to Done” gives some tips for how to avoid self-doubt in your writing. Who of us does not experience this at some point? I’ve talked about fear and this is a common problem, too, for things like “writer’s block”, but far more common is that self-doubt that what you are writing is any good at all. My favorite tip of his is the first one: “Be a writer, not an author.”


Reading Stuff and the Video of the Week:

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is a fun program to watch at any time, but I really enjoyed this interview with J.K. Rowling. Two of the best lines come from their talk of benefits (ie: welfare), “Best example of the government’s return on their investement” (not a precise quote) and Steward indicating that he is going to spoil the end of her new non-fantasy, adult novel and Rowling interrupts with her own version of media talk, “Dumbledore comes back!”. It’s a fun watch:

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1 Response to Saturday Summation – 20 October 2012

  1. LauraDrake says:

    Janet, thanks so much for the link to my blog on Writers in the Storm! Your book sounds fascinating – good luck with the submissions!


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