It’s All About Taste

My cousin posted a video clip from So You Think You Can Dance on Facebook sharing how moved he was by it. So of course I’m checking it out, assuming I will be, too.

Except I wasn’t. I mean, it was kind of cool. I liked the dancer’s expression, but I didn’t think it was anything too special. However, the audience gives this guy a standing ovation, one of the judges is crying, and another is telling the dancer he might be a genius.

Okay, well I guess our tastes are really different. Or maybe my expectation was too high? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I thought it was an awesome example of subjectivity in art and makes for an excellent comparison to the idea of another obstacle to signing an agent and selling a book to a publisher.

Remember that post that I wrote just yesterday about tipster-research overload and not being able to get my foot past the threshold of an agent’s door of interest? Yeah, I was trying not to be too rambly in it so one of the things I left out (among many) was the issue that the novel that I’m querying is just not matching up to what agents are looking for right now. Maybe some of them would have been interested last year. Maybe they will be interested next year. Maybe it just isn’t quite the thing for them right now. That is one of the things I’ve read in a gazillion places, too. It’s on agent blogs. It’s in some of the form rejection letters. In fact, it just showed up on Twitter today from agent Hannah Bowman who was one of five agents following a Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch slam. She said, “Pep talk before I go: these pitches were *amazing*. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get requests. This business is so subjective. Only five agents here, and we have our own specific tastes.

So if I’m one of the judges for So You Think You Can Dance, I’m the one that’s giving him the form rejection, but he’s got those other judges who thought he was genius.

All it takes is one, no?


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