Saturday Summation – 07 April 2012

Some of my most interesting blog and news reads of the week:

General Stuff that Caught My Eye

I tell my kids (my own and my students), that nothing is private online – even if their accounts are “locked” or similar. I keep a relatively tight hold on my Facebook account, but even I know that it is not completely “secure”. Former literary agent and current technology blogger and author Nathan Bransford talks a bit about privacy in his post, “Divorce in an Internet Era”.


I saw this interview with author James Patterson, “James Patterson Explains Why His Books Sell Like Crazy”, and the first thing I thought was how crazy it is that he has 13(!) books coming out this year. Most of Patterson’s books these days are co-written. He talks of how he comes up with an outline and has others write out the scenes. It made me think of TV show creators/producers. Showrunners come up with the overall story arcs they want to see over the course of a season, and while they may still write some of their own episodes, most are actually written by others on the team. As a writer, I’m not sure yet what I think about this kind of thing in books. As a reader, I probably don’t care – a good story is a good story, right? Thoughts?

What makes a romance a romance? What makes women’s fiction? As a women’s fiction writer, I wonder about how to sell my work. I’ve read several bloggers’ ideas about this… and it all remains a bit blurry. Here are 2 that caught my eye this week – Author Samantha Hoffman springboards from a NY Times article in her post, “Women’s Fiction- Top Shelf or Bottom?” and author Linda Yezak addresses some distinctions in her post, “Genre Talk: Women’s Fiction Format”


Interested in a quickie contest? From the Write Angle is offering a Flash Fiction contest.

Remember my post on self e-publishing and gatekeeping? Here’s one that reinforces those thoughts… and throws in some parent over-involvement – which is the new “good old-fashioned” way. From the NY Times: “Young Writers Find a Devoted Publisher – Thanks, Mom and Dad”

What do you write and why do you choose to write it? From the Write Angle’s Jemi Fraser talks about a different kind of “write what you know”. Is it “fair” to write in a genre that you don’t even read? “Writing What You Read”

And finally.. on a related note… I read fantasy, but I cannot imagine writing anything like the fantasy I have read. Author Patrick Rothfuss addresses a reader-who-wants-to write question about getting mired in details when world-building in fantasy. I confess that the primary reason I am including this post is that I really enjoyed his light-hearted analogy with the Bible. “Fanmail Q&A: The Biggest Mistake”

By the way, I think you should all have this song in your music library:

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2 Responses to Saturday Summation – 07 April 2012

  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    Thank you for the shout out! 🙂
    The number of books Patterson & team put out is mind boggling. I assume he reads them over and edits/approves of the work before it is sent out. After all, it is his name on the cover. My students enjoy his Maximum Ride series.


  2. Hmm…writing what you read. That is an interesting topic. I still haven’t decided where I stand on the “writing what you know” debate brought to light by the popularity of “The Help.” It seems odd that someone would want to write for a genre they don’t enjoy reading in, though not at all strange that someone wouldn’t necessarily write for a genre they love to read.

    By the way, I just started the “Game of Thrones” series and everything in my life is taking a backseat to those books. Perhaps the Fantasy genre will win me over after all.


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