While Waiting; AKA: What’s Up With the Novel?

My friend Jen, the other day, asked me what was going on with the novel.

Um. Well. Nothing, really.

That’s not exactly true. I’m waiting on feedback from my two impartial readers, and one of them will not even be able to look at my manuscript until the end of December.

These are the things I am doing while waiting. Mostly patiently. Mostly.

1. Gearing up the energy to re-attack my query letter and synopsis. I mentioned a week or so ago that I have figured out the inherent problem with my current draft of said letter and synopsis… but now I have to block out some time to focus on it and nail it.

2. Panicking about the wordcount of the novel. Pretty much feeling like the length of the novel is going to shut down any agent’s interest in my book at all because of it.

3. Starting research into literary agents I will query, seeking representation. Gotta say, this research and managing the database is not my thing… but when I started it, I suddenly got all fangirly when I ran into agencies that felt like they could be a good fit and thought, “OMG, I’M SO EXCITED I WANT TO SUBMIT TO YOU NOWNOWNOW!!!”

4. Chilling out from agency research freak out.

5. Panicking about the wordcount of my novel. Did I mention that it is 50,000 words longer than agents would like to see for this genre – especially a debut novelist?

6. Writing bits and pieces of “Next Novel”. Not really ready to call it “Second Novel” because it’s all still going through a breadrising stage in my brain. But I’m kind of excited about the whole thing, which is good, because if I have to and/or decide to shelve “First Novel” because it’s too freaking long, then “Next Novel” could change in status.

7. Reading. Love this part of “while waiting” because… well, just because. I didn’t do near as much of it as I should have while writing “Too Long Novel” and had to remind myself to do it more during that time. And now I’m doing it even more.

8. Remembering that I will need patience beyond patience after December, when I will for sure start submitting queries to agents. Because, wow, it’s a slow process.

9. Writing inane blog posts.

10. Adding music to my “Next Novel” playlist. Check out the inaugural song below. I’m madly in love with it. Other music has already quickly made it into the list, but this one was the first. I’m calling it my theme song. Also known as “The Next Song to Make My Husband Crazy Because It Will Probably Be On Every New CD I Burn for My Driving Pleasure.”

Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than The Sun [Hits FM] from Hits FM on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “While Waiting; AKA: What’s Up With the Novel?

  1. I already like that song better now that I know it’s not “peanuts and payday, smarties and reggae”. That just didn’t make any sense. Of course, it wasn’t as bad as when I thought “suicide blond” was “soup and salad bar”.

    For the record, I know that I did the whole “quote after period” thing wrong, twice, in that last paragraph. I just don’t like that rule.


  2. That Colbie Caillat- she’s the queen of catchy music. Sorry for being the one to ask the annoying “what’s going on” question. Believe me, I know it’s frustrating when you keep getting asked that about something big in your life, but the answer is always “nothing.” (See what I did there with the quotes? I do like that rule). Thanks for the update!


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