Meme Post: #30DaysofThanks All Wrapped Up In One

I’m not one for significant numbers or limiting lists. I often avoid the trendy topics for blogging. And in spite of the fact that it may look or seem like I am trying to rebel or be unique, it is mostly because I just want to feel the moment and not feel compelled to do something just because a date tells me I have to.

I don’t have 30 things to be thankful for – I have so very many more. Everybody else does, too. I know this. But I feel the same way about this magic number as I do about wordcounts: throw it out. Write (or be thankful for) as much as it takes to get your point across, until it feels right.

And so I am writing this post because I am feeling the moment now. Has it been influenced by the 30 Days of Thanks meme? Undoubtedly. But I don’t want to spread it out. I don’t want to wait until Thanksgiving to share what is in my heart. You can still believe it is me trying to be rebellious or unique; that’s okay because that definitely applies to me in other ways. 🙂

What I am thankful for is not unique. But it doesn’t make it any less true or valuable. Nor does it mean it does not merit saying it all out loud.

I am thankful for my husband. He supports me in everything. Everything. He makes me laugh. He makes me proud. He makes me happy. I am thankful for what we share together. Our love is strong, enduring, elastic, stable, and real.

I am thankful for my children. They are creative, intelligent, inquisitive, problem-solvers, independent, kind, gentle, loving, enthusiastic, joyful, and warm.

I am thankful for the family I grew up with. We laugh, we debate, we argue, some of us cry, and then we laugh so very much more. This family loves me unconditionally, and I them, even when they suffer through my abrasive self-righteousness, even when we disagree with each other, even when I do the occasional thing they don’t understand.

I am thankful for the family I didn’t grow up with, but that I inherited. They are my in-laws, but it took very little for them to cross the threshold of straight up family. I love them unconditionally. I love where they have come from, I love who they have become.

I am thankful for my friends – the ones who I’ve loved for years, in spite of differences and distances, and the ones I’ve only known and loved only a short time, showing that when it’s the right person, brevity can sometimes carry as much strength as longevity.

I am thankful for being able to do what I want to do with my life. Really, there are far too many people who do not have the choices I have had or continue to have. I have been able to seek my dreams and fulfill them. How extraordinarily lucky am I for this? Is it all luck to have achieved what I have, experienced what I have? No, but I try never to forget the good fortune that sometimes accompanies me, allowing me to make the decisions I have made.

[Sappy enough for you? To balance out the super-sentimental and the “OMG this was too much” sides of the coin, I give you 2 song options. Some ooey gooey Louis or some fun Flight of the Conchords in which the man in the park is thankful for his revelation at the end of their song, “Jenny”.] 


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2 Responses to Meme Post: #30DaysofThanks All Wrapped Up In One

  1. Favorite Line in I am thankful for the family I grew up with: “some of us cry”
    And we all know the ones who DON’T! Weirdos.


  2. You know I hate mushy, but I don’t think that sincere gratitude counts as mushy. Lovely post- and extra points for including Flight of the Conchords.


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