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I Missed You

My friend Tory sent me a link a couple of days ago for Joshua Radin’s new song, “I Missed You”. I have a couple other songs of his, but this one really caught me at the right moment. Only a few bars into listening to it for the first time I knew I was going to love it because it has a catchy, upbeat tune. It’s a sentimental song, but not at all melancholy.

It’s kind of a love song and I guess I could say it kind of reminds me of my characters in my novel, but I realized that my need to listen to it every hour was not for that – but that it’s the way I feel about my writing these days. I miss it! I work from home as an online teacher which is a fabulous gig in many many ways, but with my kids home all day now for the summer, this part-time job feels like full time leaving me little time to write.

Writing to me is a serious business. But, since it is neither a paying business nor one that is as important as family business, it loses the battle when push comes to shove. People ask me when I write and it is anytime and anywhere, but lately, I have too many things that I am trying to balance that very little writing gets accomplished even in those tiny windows of time that I’ve slipped it into before.

I am a s-l-o-w creative writer, so lack of time to work on the novel when I feel I am rolling into the crux of it is frustrating.

“I’ve been around all day – I’ve been around but not okay – cuz I missed you so.”

And so, writing, I’ve Missed You. But I don’t like to be whiny, so I will miss it like Joshua Radin misses his girl:

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