Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 15

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Number of times my computer crashed on me during a meeting: 3

Thank you to all who let me know they actually read these posts. It helps to know there is some value. I do try to keep them short and to the point of LIGHT and FUN for an easy click, chuckle, move on. 🙂

It’s Friday and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, for me, that I don’t have to work tomorrow (probably because it’s not entirely true, but at least I have no meetings), so I’m looking forward to feeling that relief when I wake up in the morning. What about you?

Warning, NSFW language ahead for this one (good thing it’s about to be the weekend, then!):

These days, the situation in New York has been haunting me. I don’t know much about Governor Cuomo, but his tweets that sometimes come across my feed because others retweet him really gut me. They are earnest, heartfelt, and at times, even vulnerable. And so, even though the Tik-Tok compilation below is from an Oregon doctor, not NY, I know medical staff everywhere, even in the thick of it, are doing what they can to keep each other’s spirits up like this:

This next photo has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic (as far as I know), but it sure is adorably sweet, and exactly the feeling we need to help lead us into the weekend:

Be well. Find laughter whenever you can.

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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 14

I’m not one who needs a lot of attention, but I wouldn’t mind knowing if these posts are worthwhile to anyone but myself. At minimum, I figure this serves as a kind of record for this time period. A marker. And I know finding the “funnies” during tough times is a coping mechanism for me. If you think others might need a respite, maybe give this a share, or, I am always hoping for help in finding the good stuff: tag me somewhere with something you particularly enjoyed/made you laugh so I might share it here for others to enjoy, laugh about, too.

Because seriously, we need the smiles and the laughter.

I met with some friends tonight for a book club gathering and it brought me life in ways other things haven’t for awhile, so a huge air hugs to all of you wonderful ladies, whomever of you is reading this now.

First, if you haven’t seen this yet, enjoy this father-daughter kitchen song/dance. I l love these as much as the pandemic parody songs. SO FUN:

Almost always when I think about our situation with the coronavirus, I think of Lesley Knope from Parks and Recreation and my very favorite episode (2-parter) where she has to lead Pawnee through a disaster-drill.

What would our favorite shows look like if they had an actual COVID-19 episode?

This article from Vulture tells us (h/t Jen Escue) — including this fun little video snippet from Rogelio de la Vega from Jane the Virgin:

Be well. Find laughter when you can.

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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 13

Lucky Number 13 Post!

Because my family is healthy and well, so I will call that lucky. And something I’m grateful for.

Do you know what else I’m grateful for?

Clever and funny people in this world who then share their funny, clever things online. Here’s what I’ve got tonight…

This mom’s wisdom:

I feel like my answers would be either “No” or “I don’t care, whatever, no, I really don’t care.”

Probably this is a trained bear, but it’s kind of nice thinking he’s just a random, “good citizen” bear:

And we haven’t had a parody song for awhile, have we? I love these so much. I’ve never seen Les Miserables, but I kind of recognize this song (probably from some James Corden Car Karaoke, tbh), and even if I didn’t, it’s awesome:

I hope your day was lucky, too.

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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 12

Is it only Tuesday?

The good news (maybe), is that March is over! We made it through!

Here’s the fun stuff today:

The language teacher in me got a kick out of this exchange about teaching Australians formal vs. informal (which we don’t really have much of in U.S. English, either) and it has absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus, so there’s that, too:

Whoops, sorry, I just realized there’s a little bit of, um, *other* language in there, too…

This was cute… look closely inside the washer in case you don’t “get” it right away (h/t Kris Erin Clink):

And I saved the best for last, GOATS ON THE LOOSE. Some fun video and narrative in this Twitter thread. Click out!

Currently Reading (print): Running with Lions (YA) – Julian Winters

Currently Reading (audio): ??? Still haven’t decided on what… or how to work it into my new, non-commuting schedule, yet. I just know I’ll miss it if I don’t start something.

About every other day I sleep well…I hope your sleep schedule is better!


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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 11

Today was Day One of distance learning for MN kiddos in K-12 and I processed 50 billion tech support requests and made it through to the other side! I even got to step outside for a little bit in the sun.

I didn’t have much time to scroll through the Internet today, so my share out is not as robust, but that doesn’t mean I have NOTHING.

For example, we proved that yes, indeed, even the illusion of a box is enough to draw in one of our cats:

If it is a box, I must sit. Or lounge. Whatever. I must be IN it.

Also, this made me giggle:

Currently Reading (print): Running with Lions (YA) – Julian Winters

Currently Reading (audio): ???? Send me light-hearted recs. Maybe YA? Maybe a romance. Cheery and fun, please.

That’s all for tonight, folks. As always, tag me in the fun stuff for me to share!

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Learning the Distance Learning Curve

The other day, a couple of my friends shared out the video below with the caveat that they promised they weren’t criticizing teachers (I believe them), but they could SO relate:

It made me want to remind us all – parents, teachers, and kids/students – to be gentle with each other right now. This whole distance learning thing is hard! Especially when those involved didn’t want it in the first place.

Teachers are kind of in a no-win situation because some parents will be upset there isn’t enough instruction and work being given to their children while others will be like this friend of mine, who signed her email message to a teacher as follows:

Sincerely, [Student’s] Mom, who is at home with four kids, three on IEPs, with very little chocolate, and who didn’t realize all FIVE activities were due on the first day.

“Too sarcastic?” she wondered. “Because that’s a lot of work for ONE day for ONE of six classes….”

It IS too much, so I hope the teacher took a breath and said “it’s okay, have him do what he can”.

But I also know teachers really do want provide your students with every learning opportunity they can. They are worried about their kids, just like their parents are.

So I will finish off my post tonight with one quote from an expert, and a couple others from me. Take from them what you will.

Deep breaths and gentle thoughts to you all.

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Ad Hoc Pandemic Post 10

Where are you all at on the physio-emotional scale of things right now? Today was a desperately needed day off from everything related to the coronavirus. I caught up on a couple of things I’d let slide because work invaded so much of my time and later, my brainspace. It will again, but for today, it was good to just let my introverted self work on re-charging a bit by working on “normal” things.

Here are a few things that have made me smile in the past day or so:

Do you remember me telling you about Nick Heath? The guy who started doing play-by-play videos of mundane goings-on in his neighborhood? Andrew Cotter took his lead and now we have one with food-time for dogs:

I tuned in for a couple of minutes on Nick Heath’s live Pub Quiz. He’s done a couple of them and they are just random trivia questions, not necessarily about rugby (tonight’s first question was “What is the capital of Belgium”, for example). I missed the selfie opportunity he presented, but I still took one later, surreptitiously. 😉

Are you a Brooklyn 99 fan? Do you remember the episode where Rosa’s girlfriend was practicing all kinds of different hairstyles on Rosa? Here’s another couple doing the same thing, except with character and era themes:

I don’t have a commute anymore, so I’m unsure about whether or not I will start up a new audiobook. But, I will take any recommendations of ones that are well done that are light and fluffy. Sound off in the comments or tag me or whatever!

May your weekend be restorative.

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